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Privacy Health check

Big data can open up unknown worlds. It is the combination of massive amounts of data and unprecedented processing power that make this possible. How convenient is it if, based on purchasing behaviour, a supermarket knows what the most advantageous pricing is for certain products? The economic promise of big data is great for businesses.  New business models, products and services emerge. Not being involved is not an option. However, Big Data can also be problematic in terms of privacy. Both the current privacy legislation and the new, stricter GDPR regulation have an impact on how Belgian companies have to handle digital personal data. This gives rise to a great many questions: 
Have you already identified the personal data of your employees, your customers, your suppliers? If so, have you followed the correct procedure? / If not, do you know what the correct procedure is?  Are you fully aware of which data are “personal”?  Can you show where the data on a particular person are stored?
Ordina’s “security” business unit provides you with aid and expertise. With the “Privacy Health check” the Ordina security expert identifies your risks and you receive a proposal for limiting the risks. Together with you we ensure that Big Data and privacy can co-exist perfectly well.


With the Ordina Privacy Health Check we figure out your privacy policy in just a few days. An expert with in-depth knowledge of the entire data life cycle of all personal data detects all your risks related to data privacy. He learns all about your organisation, your processes and your people and accurately identifies your risks.


The Ordina expert produces a report. Using current Belgian and European regulations on the protection of privacy, areas are identified where your company shows shortcomings. Risks and their possible impact are analysed and described. Based on these insights and our expertise, we put forward proposals for improvements.


You have a clear report that identifies your risks and their possible impact. You have a risk assessment, prepared by an expert, and also receive a proposal for improvement with an action plan.

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