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Security Health Check

Information security is becoming increasingly complex. Risks that were previously under control are no longer so, today or tomorrow. Add to this that modern businesses are entirely dependent on their ICT environment and it is therefore no surprise that this topic is a major concern for CIOs and CEOs of just about every company. How would you answer these questions: 

When was our last “security health check”? Did we tackle all the findings?  Can we safely invest in the further digitisation of our company?  How can we safely make the transition to modern business practices through mobile applications, cloud applications, smart networks, Social Media, Big Data, etc.?

All these modern techniques increase the risk of security breaches and data leaks considerably. This is where Ordina’s security expert can help you. He starts by scanning the dangers present within your organisation. Using standard-based methodologies, the reliability and security of technological, organisational and human aspects are reviewed. You then receive a report that identifies your risks and their possible impact, together with proposals for improvements. 


With the Ordina Security Health Check we figure out your information security management in just a few days. Using official and de facto industrial standards (ISO 27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework, COBIT, SANS Top 20 Controls) we detect the security inefficiencies of your data, your people, your processes, your applications and your infrastructure.  Our expert learns all about your organisation and identifies your risks.


The Ordina security expert produces a report. We analyse the results and highlight the main issues. Your risks and their possible impact are presented and described. Based on these insights and our expertise, we put forward proposals for improvements. Our security and risk expert takes account of the right balance between security and flexibility/productivity/economic aspects. Our security recommendations are of course always in line with your organisation’s vision and objectives in terms of security.


You have a clear report that identifies your risks and their possible impact. You have a risk assessment, prepared by an expert, and also receive a proposal for improvement with an action plan. You can then decide how you want to classify your risks and which ones you need to work on first.

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