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APS Value Scan


Does your scheduling support all your strategic decisions? Is your planning method tailored to your future vision? Indeed, complex business processes evolve continuously whereas your planning system fails to evolve at the same time.

The Ordina APS Value Scan reveals potential problem areas and defines practical solutions. This increases the efficiency of your scheduling and you further improve the level of service to your customers as a result.


Our experienced business consultants investigate and maximize the potential of your existing APS software. They thoroughly study your planning system by considering every aspect.


Ordina analyzes your current scheduling and outlines the main areas for improvement and their impact. This also involves checking your planning method and the existing KPIs against the different planning challenges. Afterwards, we compare your planning process with your actual goals, and we indicate how you can measure and improve.


After the Ordina APS Value Scan you receive a detailed planning report containing the analysis and conclusions of the as-is situation. We explain our recommendations to you and the employees involved. The result: a set of practical solutions allowing you to optimize your planning system.

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