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Logistics planning

Intelligent optimisation of your transportation and your logistics operations

Today, the logistics sector is under considerable pressure. Margins are shrinking. Regulations are becoming stricter. Your customers expect an (even) more flexible service.  You are forced to make your logistics operations more efficient, more transparent and more versatile.
Ordina’s transport and logistics planning solution gears your logistics processes to meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.  Tactical capacity planning, optimal use of resources, real-time dispatching and strategic long-term planning are the basic principles of the solution we propose.


Our transport and logistics planning solution focuses on 4 areas:
- Strategic long-term planning: designing an optimal network
- Tactical capacity planning: optimising your supply chain
- Operational planning: transparent and optimal use of resources, in accordance with laws and regulations
- Real-time dispatching: quick and thoughtful response to unforeseen changes


Ordina’s knowledge and experience in your sector guarantee a 100% fit approach.
In de “value-discovery” phase we analyse your existing planning processes and identify areas for improvement. The basis for a business case and a project proposal.
In the “value delivery” phase we implement the most appropriate planning solution together with your staff. Ordina trains your users and supports you in the roll-out.
Our “value support” services guarantee you a planning solution that works flawlessly at all times.


A tailored intelligent planning solution. Higher operational efficiency and lower costs, i.e.
- Permanent control of quality and SLAs.
- The load ratio rises, “empty” kilometres drop.
- Real-time visualisation of KPIs: a permanent overview and detailed information at your fingertips.
- “Closed loop” planning concept: continuous processing of extra info from on-board computers, customer reports, driver reports. 
Your planner is not isolated but is connected with fellow planners, drivers and subcos. You respond more flexibly to customer demands.

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