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Optimization as a Service

A trick with direct impact on your results

How can a railway company carry as many passengers as possible, with guaranteed traveler comfort and with only a limited number of trains and drivers? How can a telecoms operator roll out a national network at the lowest possible cost but still ensure sufficiently high quality? How can a facilities services provider meet specific customer needs, retain committed personnel and deal efficiently with peaks and troughs in workload in a financially sound way?

Ordina’s Optimization as a Service proposition uses professionals who are able to translate your complex business issues into an optimization exercise. Experts with backgrounds in such fields as mathematical optimization, operational research, IT and artificial intelligence. They have experience with optimization and the application possibilities; with all the possibilities and limitations. They have conceived and realized improvement projects in various domains. Some examples: savings on raw materials, energy or capital – increasing reliability of supply, expanding speed or capacity – planning people and resources cost-effectively. Discover our specific cases and approach!

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