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Value Discovery: Optimization Awareness

Is there an optimization opportunity?
Look before you leap!

Is optimization something that is unknown, deemed irrelevant, or seen as the Holy Grail? Ordina experts help you estimate the value of optimization for your organization. What improvements are there to make? We introduce an approach, so that, together with your colleagues, we are able to make a clear analysis of the possibilities, opportunities, challenges and pitfalls. By ensuring that your expectations are clear, correct and measureable, we can arrive at results that are more feasible and relevant!


Optimization is a term with many meanings. It implies the promise to make something better. The “what”, “how” and “when” remains the question.

If you are considering an optimization project within your organization, Ordina experts make sure that you are well prepared. We ensure that your employees understand the basic concepts. We arrange the necessary training for a professional approach and the use of specific tools during the project or we work together on specific business cases in order to define the actual potential in terms of optimization projects.


An initial, generic presentation about Optimization gives you a distinct picture about what you can or cannot expect from an optimization project. Then we organize a training session where the theoretical and practical sides of such a project are both explained. This can be combined with hands-on-training with specific optimization tools. Running a value scan (inventorying and evaluating processes, resources, etc.) we look together at where optimization is able to play a part and what its specific impact could be.


Ordina’s Optimization Value Discovery proposition means that you think before you begin! You know what you can expect before starting an optimization project. A first guarantee of success. You know beforehand how you can take advantage of the results, the consequences of your optimization. You know the skills that you need and what tools you can use.

We hand you all the trump cards for thoroughly planning your optimization project and maximizing your chances of success.

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