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Value Discovery: Optimization Concretization

The importance of a correct expectation pattern!

Defining a correct expectation pattern is important. This applies to optimization projects just as much! You have certain expectations that you want to realize. With optimization projects, it is vital that you put what you want to achieve into sharp focus beforehand.

What results do you have in mind?

Is this realistic? Do we have the necessary details available, and do they tell us anything about the feasibility of our objectives?


An optimizer requires rules that must be complied with and an objective value function in order to maximize. This sounds simple and is technically correct. A value function must reflect the values that are important for your organization. In reality, however, countless variables are important for running your business. One has more impact than the next and not all variables work together as you would like. Improving one facet could cause worsening in another area. Focusing your optimization objective then becomes a complex task. It is important that your expectation pattern is realistic, and that it is backed by the information, the knowledge that you have already.


You set the right objectives by:

- Identifying the business values that you want to improve

- Translating them into measureable elements

- Ensuring that objective measurements are possible based on your data

- Reducing the number of objective elements to a minimum

- Determining how other elements can be combined


Thanks to the “Optimization concretization” step in the Value Discovery process, you have a clear goal in sight. The business values that will be optimized during the optimization project, individually and combined, become well focused. It is clear how you will measure whether the intended results have been achieved. You have verified whether the data on which you are basing yourself are available and reliable.

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