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Production planning

Intelligent optimisation of your production tools and processes

Every production company faces various challenges to maintain its competitive edge. How to produce efficiently in an increasingly competitive market where margins and prices are under pressure? What is the effect of globalisation and consolidation on your company? Are you flexible enough to respond to changing business models and new regulations?Ordina’s production planning solution helps you tackle the known obstacles to profitability such as high stock levels, poor delivery performance, low returns and excess waste.Demand planning & forecasting, strategic and capacity planning, detailed scheduling and execution planning are the pillars of our solution.


Ordina’s production planning solution focuses on 5 integrated pillars:
- Demand planning or forecasting
- Strategic planning: product mix optimisation, long-term capacity and material planning, supply chain design and scenario planning
- Capacity planning: optimal balancing of capacity and demand, order acceptance (ATP/CTP), optimal stock planning, maintenance planning, campaign planning
- Detailed Scheduling: optimal and accurate sequence planning of orders to resources, order combinations
- Execution Planning: quick and thoughtful response (rescheduling) to unforeseen events and last-minute changes


Ordina’s knowledge and experience in your sector guarantee a 100% fit approach.
In de “value-discovery” phase we analyse your existing planning processes and identify areas for improvement. The basis for a business case and a project proposal.
In the “value delivery” phase we implement the most appropriate planning solution together with your staff. Ordina trains your users and supports you in the roll-out.
Our “value support” services guarantee you a planning solution that works flawlessly at all times.


Intelligent planning, tailored optimisation, at the appropriate level of detail. Personalised reporting based on KPIs. Flexible interaction with e.g. MES and ERP systems. “Multi-level” planning thanks to the integration of various planning puzzles.
In short, you have an integrated supply chain and production planning solution that shifts your focus from simply saving costs to creating value. You improve your competitive edge. You are equipped with tools and techniques that guarantee the highest possible throughput for the lowest possible stocks. The best quality and delivery performance. High customer satisfaction.

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