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Custom Software Management


Custom software plays a valuable role in your company, because it contains a great deal of unique business knowledge. At the same time new technologies are introduced. So your IT department expands, but this often makes it bigger than desirable.

Sometimes your IT department can no longer take on that overload of new technologies and knowledge. Risks can arise. However, if you switch to a standard package solution, you will lose your unique way of working. Ordina has the perfect answer to these challenges. We manage your custom software, giving you the best out of a flexible, tailored IT department.


Ordina manages your custom applications as if we were your own IT department. We are large enough to offer you economies of scale, and small enough to know the finer points of your business. We have all possible modern or older knowledge in house. You just take the services, knowledge and time that you really need.


A set Ordina team manages your applications. It becomes your team: you know them; they know you and your organization. You therefore benefit from short lines and can take decisions faster. This close collaboration brings other advantages: we take into account the way you work, help you figure out solutions and quickly resolve possible problems.


With Ordina’s management of your custom software you can maintain your continuity and at the same time move forward. Another advantage given by the best of both worlds: you enjoy all the flexibility, whilst retaining control over your budget. Lastly, your Ordina team can rely on the support provided by the whole Ordina knowledge base. The result: you have your own customized IT department.

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