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Desktop Virtualization


Are your employees working with the right desktop? In an efficient, safe environment, where it is also a pleasure to work? These are important requirements since efficient employees are the engine of your business. New developments, such as the ‘work from anywhere’ principle, are putting pressure on the old system of ‘one PC per user’.

With desktop virtualization (VDI) you eliminate those technological and organizational difficulties. Failing PCs are no longer a problem now that the desktops of your employees are always accessible, from anywhere. Ordina guides you through this flexible world, and helps you expand the future of your company.


The world of desktop virtualization requires a different mindset. Today your employees are working in different locations and (therefore) on multiple devices. However, they need their own familiar desktop in order to do their job optimally. Wherever they find themselves, they consult their familiar desktop via a client app or log-in on a web page. Cost-efficient, flexible and forward-looking.


Ordina assists and advises you in centralizing your workplaces and offering them from your data center. We help you make the right choice in desktop virtualization, tailored to your business. For this purpose we cooperate closely with partners such as Dell, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix. This means that we can offer you multiple options, including VMware Horizon View or Citrix XenDesktop.


The right solution allows you to breathe new life into your company. Your employees work more efficiently and with greater transparency, since they no longer depend on a location, time or device. This approach also boosts user satisfaction. Finally, you also clear the way for a smart, efficient working method. Today, tomorrow and beyond that.

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