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Data Center Management and Operations


Choosing the right data center for you will not happen overnight. Indeed, as the core of your IT infrastructure, your data center – whether private or in the cloud – must meet countless challenges. Among those, cost efficiency, flexibility and data protection are essential.

Many solutions allow you to get your company to function and grow optimally. Ordina proactively works out with you the ideal solution for your business processes and requirements.


An organized, well managed and up-to-date data center is the foundation of your IT infrastructure. Ordina helps you make the right choices in order to optimize the continuity and quality of your IT services. We assist you in the selection, implementation and management of the right data center. Together, we develop a forward-looking solution, involving a private data center and/or a cloud solution.


We aim for the efficiency, cost effectiveness and continuity of your services. Ordina examines your business situation and proposes the right solution and technology for your needs. It is possible to proceed to the virtualization of servers, applications and storage in a phased approach. We also ensure that your solution can grow together with your business. We rely on extensive partnerships with Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Comparex to implement this approach.


Your data center or cloud solution provides you with the necessary peace of mind. It is efficient to quickly respond to your requirements and flexible enough to grow together with your organization or market trends. What’s more, all services are accessible to your users irrespective of their location. The management is transparent, professional and complies with your company procedures. This makes sure you are totally ready for tomorrow’s business.

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