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Does your current WLAN infrastructure still meet today’s needs? Is your network secure? How do you guarantee the high availability of your network? Ordina is a Dell Premium Partner and believes in Dell’s Open Standard-based networking platform and the associated solutions. When buying you no longer need to purchase an overly large system that involves high operating costs and later suffers performance problems as applications grow and traffic patterns change.

Ordina will support you to link your end users and endpoint solutions with secure solutions tailored to your business.

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We offer you a distinctive choice of Dell network products to transform your network, redefine your IT costs and achieve faster results. The solutions are distinguished by: Simplicity: make architecture and operation simpler. Flexibility: manage your network strategy with combinable, modular platforms based on open standards. Capacity: link people and points consistently with platforms that have been developed and produced for commercial performance. Our experts are certified in the leading products: Dell SonicWALL – Dell Force10 – Dell PowerConnect


Ordina’s dedicated infra-team specialises in the design, implementation and management of a secure, reliable IT infrastructure. A network that enables you to work everywhere (together). Anywhere, any time and with any device. Access to all your applications and data any time, any place. Within our projects we provide design, installation, knowledge transfer, documentation and project management. If desired we can also provide full or partial management for your organisation after delivery.


You modernise your network infrastructure and redefine the costs of networking. You can profit from the unique portfolio solutions of Dell, which have been designed to optimise your network past the infrastructure. This lets you improve IT efficiency and lower costs with validated solutions for servers, storage, networks, security and support throughout the company.

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