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Catalyst for Application Integration

Uniting people, platforms and processes

Many organizations face a fragmented application landscape. This is due to differences in products, technologies, suppliers and users. So, in order to efficiently handle customer information from different channels your systems and applications must be perfectly coordinated.

This explains why more and more companies are looking for a smart solution to send and receive information in a uniform manner. Ordina helps you establish the necessary connections between people, processes and infrastructure. We achieve all this by providing sound advice, management and customized development, with the help of leading technologies. As a result, you are able to ensure fast customer service, create smooth business processes and increase your competitiveness.


VisionWorks’ Integration Catalyst is an Ordina Consulting offering that helps you quickly scope the time and effort needed to properly integrate desired technology. Data Integration Catalyst data offers you many advantages. Your target system is one of the leading technologies on the market. You ensure continuity with a flexible approach, a full check and automated conversion. We also ensure that your target system receives clean data.


We determine the migration strategy in close cooperation with you. In doing so, we use your target system as our starting point. We begin with a test conversion using production data. We count and check all data at every stage and we convert only validated data. Converted data is functionally the same as data from your source system. We can also trace and audit anything.


Our experts ensure a very speedy migration. We avoid or limit possible ‘Freeze’ periods, so that your continuity is not compromised. The outcome is an efficient target system with guaranteed data quality. You get to see perfectly, on the basis of a comprehensive report and an audit, what we did and how we did it.

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