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Data migration, Data Integration and Data Quality


Data migration is complex, but essential to make strategic choices. You cannot afford mistakes during the migration, however. Whether it has to do with the introduction of a new package, the consolidation of multiple systems or new construction: guaranteed quality is a must.

At Ordina we recognize that migration involves more than the mere conversion of data. We think in terms of converting products, safeguarding your information flow and ensuring your operations with customers. We therefore prefer an integrated approach involving data migration, data integration and data quality. Our ISO 27001 certification underlines our concern for the safety and quality of your data.


Ordina’s data migration or data integration offers you many advantages. Your target system is one of the leading technologies on the market. You ensure continuity with a flexible approach, a full check and automated conversion. We also ensure that your target system receives clean data.


We determine the migration strategy in close cooperation with you. In doing so, we use your target system as our starting point. We begin with a test conversion using production data. We count and check all data at every stage and we convert only validated data. Converted data is functionally the same as data from your source system. We can also trace and audit anything.


Our experts ensure a very speedy migration. There is no need for a ‘Freeze’ period, so that your continuity is not compromised. The outcome is an efficient target system with guaranteed data quality. You get to see perfectly, on the basis of a comprehensive report and an audit, what we did and how we did it.

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