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Customer Care

An ICT environment without worry

Ordina aims to achieve sustainable growth with customers. We know our customers, the market and follow all relevant technological developments. We have knowledge, systems and people in house to support your ICT issues from start to finish. With our “Customer Care” proposition we will further “remove worries”.
Ordina provides dedicated, multidisciplinary teams to keep your application landscape (cloud, on-premises, mobile) and your databases running. Each member of the team has in-depth knowledge of the technology, and knowledge of your organisation, your business process and your application portfolio. Our experts guarantee you a worry-free ICT experience and think proactively with you about improvements and/or possible innovations for your environment. Your benefit? Quality, continuity, innovation and saving costs. You focus on your core business!

Java application management

Our Java experts provide a total worry-free solution. We develop your application and provide the aftercare. Our experience with a broad range of front and backend Java related technologies mean that we can knowledgeably manage both your new and existing applications. Not simply ‘bug fixing’ but also monitoring. If your software is not operating optimally or no longer meets your requirements we are happy proactively to think with you. We make proposals for improvements or updating. Your dedicated team works remotely or with you on-site. You have no worries and know exactly when and how you can innovate smartly. 

Database Administrator as a Service

Ordina consultants manage and monitor your database proactively. If it no longer fulfils your needs or if performance is substandard due to an increased amount of data we define proposals for improvement and seek the most appropriate solution together with your team. You will never face any surprises or faits accomplis. New requirements can be met quickly. You are completely free from any worry regarding the optimal functioning of your databases.

Mobile apps as a Service

Managing your mobile applications is no sinecure! You often have a huge variety of mobile devices in house and a many new IT challenges arise with company mobile apps. Think of the complexity of developing for diverse platforms, devices, secure integration with the underlying operating systems and distribution and monitoring of apps within your organisation. So you are best off using a specialist! Ordina experts manage your mobile applications and ensure an optimised approach.

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