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DevOps/ Agile

Faster innovation? Consider team-leasing!

DevOps, a contraction of Development and Operations, brings them closer together. The metaphorical walls are demolished. By sharing knowledge and common responsibilities professionals can understand each other’s perspectives better. Applications are delivered faster and better. New software solutions go into production successfully. With a successful DevOps-team your ICT department achieves the intended results and more through smart teamwork.
Your business, users are satisfied with the fast and fault/bug free applications delivered. You increase reliability, stability, resilience and security of your ICT landscape. Ordina Java-professionals have the DevOps/Agile approach in their DNA. We always set up full Agile/DevOps-teams to serve customers. Often your employees are a part of this team. A well-oiled machine that removes any worries, provides guidance and guarantees output!

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