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Java Development


For mission critical, forward-looking custom applications, Java remains the best choice. That applies to the web as well as PC, tablet and mobile platforms. Java is the most widely used technology, even in our everyday digital devices.

Want to develop a new Java solution? Or modify your existing Java applications? Ordina always has a Java team on stand-by to provide you with fast and effective support. They take on your challenge with skill, enthusiasm and passion. They combine years of personal experience with fresh insight and the latest Java expertise.


Ordina develops your Java applications as if we were your own IT department. We are large enough to offer you economies of scale, and small enough to know the finer points of your business. We have all possible modern or less recent knowledge in house. You just take the services, knowledge and time that you need.


A permanent team studies existing or new Java application(s). It becomes your team: you know them; they know you and your organization. You therefore benefit from short lines and can take decisions faster. This close collaboration brings other advantages: we take into account the way you work, help you figure out solutions and quickly resolve possible problems.


Our Java development allows you to maintain your continuity while moving forward. In addition, you enjoy full flexibility and keep your budget under control. During the development your Ordina team is also able to draw from the support of the whole Ordina knowledge base. This working method guarantees you all the latest Java technologies, methods and processes.

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