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IT Service Management


Your IT services play an active part in creating a strong business. Yet, how do you make that visible and measurable for the business? And how do you keep your costs under control and optimize your services at the same time? Ordina’s IT Service Management helps you build those lasting bridges between IT and business.

Ordina converts the area of tension between IT and business into a transparent service, by and for people. By connecting people, processes and information you match your IT services with the business needs. This is how you make the leap from a technology-driven to a business-driven IT department.


Ordina follows a systematic approach to optimize your IT organization further. We start by outlining the as-is situation. In collaboration with you, we identify objectives and evaluate possible change processes. We then develop an implementation roadmap. We ensure that every change is future proof. This continuous improvement process remains under your control.


Transparency is our trademark. That’s why we support the transition with a structured and proven lifecycle approach. An iterative working method that goes beyond traditional project management: for instance, we focus on services centered on people.


We use specific tools to determine the maturity of your service provision. Many years of expertise are added to the mix. We are therefore capable of quickly defining and implementing the right actions.


Ordina’s IT Service Management establishes the much needed link between your IT services and the business needs. Not only today, but also in the future. By perfectly matching people, processes, knowledge and skills together, we can assure you that quality over the long term.

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