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Cloud development

Fast and simple – Flexibility trumps!

Modern development means rapid development. Because business evolves continuously, your IT-department can’t lag behind. However, IT remains a complex matter. If you have several IT environments available, you can respond quickly to IT issues.
The cloud is a perfect environment for developing and testing applications.
But that doesn’t mean that your applications have to run in that cloud.
However, in the development phase the cloud provides a fast, efficient and cost effective method to develop strong software.
More and more companies are opting for cloud development. There are many benefits: the set-up costs are lower, time-to-market faster and availability higher. Moreover, you can count on flexible and scalable applications. 
Ordina helps with the migration to Windows Azure, fully or for specific parts of your applications.


You can usually correctly estimate the number of services required with software in production. In the development phase that calculation is more difficult. You need several versions of the development, build and test servers and only use those when needed. Cloud development is a lot faster and more cost effective in that regard.


Ordina combines know-how from various disciplines to support you with cloud development. Basic requirements are the correct architectural set-up, skills in cloud development, testing skills and DevOps. A mix of techniques that we are happy to help you master.


Cloud development provides with rapid, flexible and cost-effective server capacity. You only pay for exactly what you use. As a result, your development costs reduce – faster and cheaper software development are the logical consequence.

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