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Cloudify your Development


In today’s terms, development means rapid development. Since business is continuously evolving, your IT department cannot afford to lag behind. However, IT remains a complex issue. Having different IT environments allows you to respond quickly to IT issues.

The cloud is an ideal place to develop and test applications. For that purpose, however, your applications do not have necessarily to be already running in the cloud. Indeed, in the development stage, the cloud provides a fast, efficient and cost-effective method to develop strong software.


With software in production, you will usually find it easy to estimate the number of servers required. Such a calculation is less obvious in the development stage. You require development, build and test servers in different versions, and only use them when needed. In this respect, development in the cloud is getting faster and more cost-effective.


Ordina combines expertise from various disciplines to assist you in your cloud development. The right architectural set-up, skills on cloud development, testing skills and DevOps are the prerequisites for success. A mix of know-how that we will gladly help you acquire.


Cloud development offers you fast, flexible and cost-effective server capacity. In fact, you only pay for what you use. As a result, the costs of your development stage decrease, and faster and cheaper software development is the logical consequence.

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