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Results with no worries...

DevOps, a contraction of Development and Operations, bring them closer together.
The walls between the various IT-teams have finally been demolished. Thanks to the Devops-methodology we can release software much faster today, using shorter development cycles. And because a MinimumViable Product (MVP) is released more quickly, the final application is more stable and more customised. 
Ordina helps you to optimise your software build using Devops.
We can manage the Windows Team Foundation Server for you, so your developers can easily set to work with the Devops-methodology.
If you need additional manpower or expertise, then our consultants help implement Devops in your development method (technical) and throughout your organisation (partnership culture). 
Ordina Microsoft-professionals have the DevOps/Agile approach in their DNA. We always set up full Agile/DevOps-teams to serve customers. Often your employees are part of this team. A well-oiled machine that removes any worries, provides guidance and guarantees output!

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