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Basware E-invoicing


Do you want your invoices to be clear, pay suppliers on time and be able to report costs? Then your business can also benefit from e-invoicing. Your incoming and outgoing invoices are processed automatically. Your customers and suppliers receive electronic invoices. An automated document stream from order to receipt of payment and from purchase to payment. You generate invoices faster, disputes are communicated and settled faster. Invoices are entered and processed faster. Electronic invoicing minimises the number of errors and leads to shorter payment cycles. It is also sustainable thanks to the saving in sheets of paper (trees) and transport costs (CO2 emissions). Electronic invoicing is fast, simple, efficient, economical and sustainable.


Basware goes to great lengths to simplify and streamline financial processes. By means of open, safe, cloud-based purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions, the software delivers more efficient purchasing, creditor and debtor processes with a sustainable improvement in your operating results.


Ordina Belgium's SAP consultants provide answers to business questions and build SAP solutions tailored to the customer.  Basware’s e-invoicing solutions are an important addition to the SAP services we offer. We seamlessly integrate the Basware e-invoicing solutions with your invoice processing system or your SAP ERP solution.


E-invoicing or electronic invoicing is more efficient, faster, more sustainable and above all more economical than sending paper invoices by post. With the Basware applications you satisfy both international industry requirements and the local needs of your customers and suppliers. Data validation, VAT compliancy, multi-country and multi-language, etc. You offer them added value and can strengthen your collaboration as partners.

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