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SAP S@FE Wholesale


SAP undoubtedly offers the most complete ERP package on the market. Ordina developed SAP S@FE Wholesale®, a customized solution specifically for wholesale and distribution companies. SAP S@FE Solutions are officially recognized and certified by SAP.

SAP S@FE Wholesale® is ideal for the integration of your accounting, controlling, sales & distribution, transport, purchasing, warehouse management and reporting in a single package. Based on best practices from other customers we developed an optimized and preconfigured ERP solution. Ordina ensures a fast implementation at a fair price. In three to six months, your environment is up and running and your business future-proof.


S@FE Wholesale® allows your company to work on the basis of a consistent, central set of master data. All your departments manage customer data, orders, material lists, BOMs and routings through a central system.


Your ERP package consists of a defined set of functions, tailored to your current needs. You’d like your ERP package to grow with your company in the future? No problem: all other SAP functions are within easy reach.


Ordina always takes a clear project description as a starting point. You pay a fixed price, while the short implementation period soon ensures return on investment (ROI). We use templates based on best practices from your own sector for the implementation. Your ERP environment is entirely preconfigured and fully documented.


Your company reaps the benefits of an integrated ERP solution, coupled with an exceptionally fast ROI.


Your employees use standardized data and processes. You manage and optimize your logistics and production flows, optimize your stock management and achieve fast and efficient order processing.


SAP S@FE Wholesale® provides you with the perfect tool for tracking and handling returned goods. Improved management reporting gives your company a solid foundation for rapid and accurate decision making and – last but not least – maximum customer satisfaction.

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