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OpenText Document Presentment

Targeted communication

SAP Document Presentment offers business communication solutions. These solutions support organisations in processing and distributing highly personalised documents in both paper and electronic format. The powerful solutions of SAP Document Presentment improve customer interaction by automating business processes for both B2B and B2C markets.
Ordina Belgium's SAP consultants provide answers to business questions and build SAP solutions which are tailor-made to the customer’s needs. With OpenText, Ordina is now able to also extend process optimisation using SAP to the underlying document flows.


The solution is a fully integrated, cross-vertical solution for business processes in complex and/or high-volume environments. It supports all document related business processes of your organisation and can be easily integrated with SAP’s Business Suite. The SAP Document Presentment application by OpenText helps you generate and manage documents more efficiently and effectively.


Ordina experts translate your SAP software solutions in line with your ambitions. From process redesign through to implementation, to management. With OpenText Document Presentment, they bridge the communication gap between you and your customers. Automatic document creation through rule-based dynamic document composition. Your documents can be presented to your customers, partners and suppliers in different formats and through any medium of choice (print, e-mail, fax and mobile).


The implementation of this SAP Document Presentment solution has enabled the standardisation of numerous document flows. Your documents can be adapted easily and quickly. You will soon recover your investment thanks to the automatic creation and presentation of various document types via a range of communication channels to customers, suppliers and employees. Get ready to engage in targeted communication!

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