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Sooner or later, every company faces complex planning puzzles. Not only does the right planning software alleviate the concerns of your planners, it also helps your business to deliver faster, understand cost structure better, and take informed decisions. When it comes to Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software, Quintiq tops them all. Whatever your sector of activity, the versatile, flexible platform can be integrated smoothly everywhere.

Ordina and Quintiq have been allies in the fight against planning puzzles for years. We take care of your APS building, guidance and implementation. With fifteen years of combined expertise, our APS specialists do everything to make planning difficulties a thing of the past.


You know the issues that your planners struggle with. Big, complex or seemingly insoluble: the Quintiq planning software solves any planning problem via a user-friendly platform. Over the short, medium and long term, so you optimize your resources, people and processes throughout the supply chain.


As an experienced Quintiq planning partner, we understand your challenges. Our team of experienced APS specialists takes prides in its know-how in mathematical optimization, operational research, computer science and artificial intelligence. They study your planning puzzle and identify the problem areas. Then they implement Quintiq, all based on your business requirements.


The combination of Quintiq and sophisticated APS implementation offers you a whole range of benefits. Your planners perform their jobs faster, better and with more ease. Fast delivery times, a clear understanding of costs, the efficiently handling of peaks and dips in workload boost your daily operations. APS offers you a lot of advantages on a strategic level as well. This gives you a better understanding of potential investments; you strengthen the cohesion within your organization and are able to formulate your goals more concretely.

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