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SAP BusinessObjects


SAP BusinessObjects was specially developed to bring large amounts of data to the right people. This diverse set of tools helps you to make informed decisions. Ordina prides itself on knowing local markets inside out to make sure it can implement the right BusinessObjects tools in your organization.

We also have extensive expertise in terms of underlying data flows. We owe this to our years of experience with SAP Business Warehouse. We can offer intensive support in choosing the right tools and ensuring a flexible implementation, tailored to your organization.


With SAP BusinessObjects you process large amounts of data quickly from different sources. The crystal clear projection of data in different views makes it easy for your employees. That allows you to make informed decisions at strategic, tactical and operational level.


SAP BusinessObjects consists of several tools. We help you select the appropriate tools in close consultation with you and focusing on your business goals. We then implement the solution(s). Through the flexible Agile framework, so that we can still adjust your solution as needed during the project.


Once the implementation is complete you will have the right tools to face your challenges: from an ETL tool to different reporting tools. The latter range from statistical reporting to intuitive dashboards. In addition, SAP BusinessObjects also runs on SAP HANA among others.

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