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SharePoint and Office 365


The New Way to Work is at the root of SharePoint. As a platform for business collaboration, SharePoint offers numerous functionalities. A whole range of tools to track, edit and share information help your employees work together faster and better.

Team sites, the broader extranet or an internet: Ordina implements SharePoint based on your requirements. You can manage SharePoint centrally or in the cloud. In the latter case, you benefit from the ease of use of Office 365. You therefore work with e-mail, chat and Office where and when you want.


In the New Way to Work, a job does not necessarily require a fixed place or time. SharePoint provides you with a great tool in this respect. All you need to get started is an Internet connection. This offers employees more flexibility, while giving them also more freedom.


Before we introduce SharePoint in your organization we analyze your exact requirements. Two approaches are possible. In the blueprint approach we focus on your business, and align SharePoint precisely with it. The governance method starts from a minimum SharePoint deployment. This approach then constitutes the basis for further development.


SharePoint is a smart way for you to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. It allows you to view, edit and share data easily, anywhere, any time. A boost for your employees’ productivity, while reducing your management costs. In addition, the need for office space is reduced and your employees have to travel less.

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