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Agile and Scrum

Ordina helps you to use Agile and Scrum

The burden of managing complex legacy applications in a marketplace that is changing faster and faster is a tedious chore. With current productivity, it is not economically viable to produce solutions for this task. That is a good reason to start working with Agile and Scrum. But it may well be that you don't know yet how to start using them, and how you can implement these processes in your projects. Or perhaps you are already working with Agile or Scrum and you need extra capacity for your project roles such as scrum master or product owner, or for other roles within your teams such as people whose focus is more on analysis, development or testing/QA.


We will help you break down obstacles and increase your learning capacity, so that your organisation can become more effective. Incrementally, we will make sure that your projects will work with Agile or Scrum. Ordina professionals can also fulfil various Scrum roles to carry out your projects.


Ordina gets you off to a flying start in working with Agile. Our professionals support you in designing the new working environment and coach your staff in their learning process for working with Agile. Ordina also supplies professionals such as certified scrum masters, product owners and Agile-testers.


First of all, we get together with you to define the objectives. After that, we will design the methodology and train your staff. Once everything has started, we will ensure that the methodology is embedded into your organisation, so that from that moment on, you have autonomous teams.

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