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Agile Requirements

Requirements in an altered environment

In an Agile & DevOps environment, we deal more dynamically with requirements than in the past. Requirements are specified more concisely. We start developing in the knowledge that the requirements have not been finalized yet, and that changes will still happen. This requires a different mindset and different requirements methods and techniques. Our Agile requirements engineers are accomplished in identifying and specifying requirements in an Agile & DevOps environment.


Ordina's Agile requirements engineers are trained in and experienced with techniques like user stories, use cases 2.0, user journeys and personas. They are versatile, and can also work as a Scrum master or Product Owner.


Our Agile requirements engineers identify, specify and validate the wishes and requirements for the system and the application. They help the Product Owner with filling, refining and ordering the product backlog. Where necessary, they help with other activities in the team, such as testing, management tasks, etc.


Ordina's Agile requirements engineers bring the expertise on board so that you can determine your requirements in an Agile way. For every sprint, user stories are developed so that they can be implemented.

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