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Agile testing

Total quality control
in Agile-teams

In an Agile team, the emphasis is on providing software that creates value for the business. Software has to be taken into use quickly and development teams must be able to deal flexibly with changing business wishes. In this dynamic, how can you get a handle on the quality of the solution provided? How can you check that your software generates value for the business and works well from the technical viewpoint, without this being at the expense of time-to market?


Ordina provides Agile test professionals who can test your software solution efficiently and effectively. If you wish, Ordina can provide Agile teams to provide a suitable solution for your business needs.


Our Agile test professionals validate business requirements and decide which tests are necessary based on risk analysis. They fine-tune the development tests, carry out manual or automated testing themselves, and coach users during demos and acceptance tests. In relevant cases, they fulfil the role of scrum master.


Ordina's Agile test professionals ensure efficient and effective quality assurance. You can be certain that the software solution meets your business requirements and the automatic testing saves time and money.

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