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Requirements engineering

Rapid response to requirements and wishes

For every project, the wishes and requirements of the users, the client and other stakeholders are of tremendous importance. Ordina helps you ascertain and specify these requirements so that the project team knows what needs to be done. Our staff is very experienced in the field of requirements engineering and is extremely versatile.


Our professionals are well trained, and have a great deal of experience with drawing up requirements and can be used in a wide range of positions. Ordina's requirements engineers can be used as business analysts, information analysts, functional designers and process analysts.


Together, we define how we can help you. We see which professional is best suited to your organisation and whether coaching-on-the-job is needed.


Our requirements engineers soon master your business and organisation. They arrange the engagement of the various stakeholders and draw up unambiguous requirements. This is the foundation for making your project a success.

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