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Automated testing

Lower your costs with automated testing

Tests are often on the critical path in software development. There is great pressure to take the software into use, but the risk of bugs that have not been discovered creates uncertainty. How can you make sure that you cut the time taken for testing without sacrificing quality?


Automating the test process ensures that tests that have to be executed more frequently take less time. In the event of software changes, you can soon establish whether the unchanged components are still working properly. This saves time and money, because there is less manual testing left to do.


The test automation experts at Ordina start by performing a feasibility analysis. If the customer environment is suitable, they design the test cases, which are then automated using the chosen test tool. Automated execution of tests results in a report that gives an appreciation of the quality of the software.


Test automation saves you time and money for tests that you have to execute repeatedly. Tests that demonstrate the quality of your software solution can be run faster or with less resources. It also reduces the chance of human error in carrying out the tests.

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