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SmartSourcing of test capacity

Do you think that testing costs too much and doesn't deliver enough? Does the requirement for test capacity change, so that it is difficult to get hold of skilled resources? Is there insufficient know-how and budget to improve testing in your organisation? The Ordina Test Centre helps you with these problems. We take the strain off your organisation by matching the sourcing of test capacity optimally to your requirements.


Ordina provides professional test resources with the necessary knowledge of the field at the time you need it. The test centre supports customers who want to assure quality, but do not have the knowledge to do so. The test centre provides test capacity of predictable cost and quality.


Depending on your requirements, Ordina defines the right form of sourcing of test capacity. This can be done both at the customer's or Ordina's premises. We issue a proposal for optimizing the test process and in liaison with the customer organisation, we make arrangements about intake, knowledge retention and the results to be achieved.


With the Ordina Test Centre, you are sure of:

  • a professional test organisation that is focused on your business objectives;
  • optimal sourcing of test capacity;
  • knowledge retention at Ordina regarding your systems and processes.
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