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Testing as a Service


Gone are the days when applications testing was an isolated task. More often than not, testing fits into the overall application lifecycle management (ALM). At Ordina, therefore, we always go one step further. Our testers get the most out of their assignment, and also keep assisting you with targeted solutions.

Our consultants expertly take over your testing process, from preparation to implementation. If you need advice on testing at an earlier stage, we can assign you the right consultants. As Practice Leads they offer you all their experience and expertise.


The experts in the Ordina Testing team all have one thing in common: they have a lot of experience. A balanced mix of knowledge and qualifications creates a complementary team. Our testers’ expertise is constantly improved thanks to the input of other specialist areas within Ordina, such as SAP, BI or MIG6. This makes sure we can offer you the support of the right specialists even faster.


Our approach is founded on your processes, systems and organization. This means that we work in close and intense cooperation with you in your environment. We also do much more than just the testing phase in application development. In addition, our testing expertise is also open to your existing mobile tools and solutions.


To every challenge an answer: that is our philosophy. We have a qualified team and a strong arsenal of solutions at your disposal. Since our testing services are tailored to your specific context, we always guarantee you the best possible result.

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