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The ADAM platform for media workflow and marketing software allows you to manage, produce and disseminate your digital content optimally, as if killing three birds with one stone. As a Digital Asset Management tool (DAM), ADAM manages digital content like no other. As a Marketing Execution Platform (MEP), ADAM arranges your campaigns, workflows and publications. And as a Product Information Management platform (PIM), it bridges the gap between product management and marketing.

The ADAM software is also ideally suited to integrate multiple languages. Ordina implements ADAM while focusing on your specific objectives and a precise integration.


Openness and flexibility are ADAM’s greatest assets. This allows you to use the software extensively throughout your organization. Want to supply the content of websites in different languages? Integration with your ERP system? Links to maintenance instructions? ADAM allows you to support your digital content optimally.


The implementation of ADAM in your organization requires adequate preparation. Ordina will select the blueprint method or the governance method based on your business situation. In the blueprint approach, we place your business in the center, while in the governance method we start with a basic implementation and build on from there.


The strength of ADAM lies in the extensive integration capabilities. Following the implementation we fully match ADAM with your requirements and we build strong interfaces that remain relevant also in a changing IT landscape. We complete the process with extensive end-to-end testing to ensure that ADAM definitely meets your needs and expectations.

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