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Uniformity and regulations are making ever greater demands on organizations in the energy world. That evolution has a great impact on MIG6 testing. Ordina is offering you the MIG6 Testing Kit to speed up this process. It contains a variety of best practices allowing us to take over from you a lot of the preparatory testing steps. In short: a ready-made solution that allows you to focus on your core business.


Ordina combines in the MIG6 Testing Kit a broad spectrum of knowledge and best practices around testing within the MIG6 context. We offer you the structure, the logical test coverage and the basic reports to successfully launch MIG6 testing. Such a strong start ensures that part of your work has already been done in advance.


Our approach is founded on your processes, systems and organization. This means that we work in close and intense cooperation with you in your environment. The MIG6 Testing Kit is the start of your testing process. Afterwards you can rely on the expertise of the Ordina SAP Testing team, a balanced mix between MIG6 and testing specialists.


With the MIG6 Testing Kit there is no need for you to start from scratch anymore. You respond quickly to our test base and significantly accelerate your testing process. With time you capitalize on our MIG6 and testing expertise. This increases the success rate of your MIG6 implementation.

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