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Mobile Testing


Mobile applications are becoming increasingly important. Functionality is one thing, but as part of the image of your company, mobile applications must be bug-free and user-friendly.

Ordina has crammed a lot experience into a handy Mobile Testing Kit to lead you safely through the testing process. Packed with best practices, which allows you to quickly, effectively and adequately test your mobile application with our help.


We combine two Ordina expertise areas to offer the best possible mobile testing. Experienced testers have joined forces with mobile experts. Their carefully built experience, converted into best practices, comes together in the Mobile Testing Kit.


Our approach is founded on your processes, systems and organization. This means that we work in close and intense cooperation with you in your environment. You can still count on us even after the Mobile Testing Kit has accelerated your test process. In addition, our testing expertise is also open to your existing mobile tools and solutions.


The Mobile Testing Kit was put together with great care for various challenges. You are developing a new mobile application? Or you want to improve your existing software? In both cases the best practices of the kit are an excellent basis for efficient testing. Our testers will assist and advise you.

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