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Project Portfolio Management


Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server allow you to streamline your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and your daily tasks. This ensures that your team members and project staff manage projects efficiently, they quickly define their priorities (within and across projects) and deliver the quality you expect.

Ordina experts have earned their spurs in the PPM platform for many years already. As a Microsoft PPM partner, we also bring together complementary expertise: project and change management, SharePoint and SQL server.


Project Portfolio Management (PPM) helps project managers and other staff to analyze and manage new and existing projects. Ordina helps you get started with Microsoft Project to make sure you successfully deliver your projects. Within the operational and financial objectives, and in line with all possible external factors.


Ordina follows a phased and systematic approach. We start by carefully aligning your business case and requirements. We subsequently configure the PPM tools and we process feedback from a pilot project. Only then do we integrate the solution with your other back-end systems. In the final phase, we focus on your portfolio management. Throughout the whole process we keep focusing on training and change management.


Better projects, smarter and better cooperation throughout projects, productivity boost... The benefits of extensive PPM are countless. MS Project is based on SharePoint, so an Internet connection is all you need to get started. With SQL Server, the tool also provides you with powerful reporting functionalities. These allow you to monitor your projects closely and constantly fine-tune your project management as a result.

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