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Team Foundation Server

Support your IT development
with powerful tools

Regardless of the size of a team or project, development is not an isolated task. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server – TFS – makes sure your company has solid communication, collaboration and application lifecycle management tools (ALM). Each one is essential to develop software quickly and correctly.

Ordina helps you get the most from TFS using version control, branching, merging, labeling, policies, work item tracking, data warehousing, capacity planning, task boards, backlog management, workflow management, continuous integration, etc. 


A tight schedule using work items is central to Microsoft TFS. These work items consist of requirements, tasks, bugs, test cases, etc. All the tasks that your developers carry out (e.g. a code change) are integrated in, and linked to one or more work items.

TFS gives you a powerful tracking system locating any change in the broader development process. Your teams retain an overview and the course of development cycles is streamlined.


Ordina’s TFS offering is a combination of migration, integration, and transition services. We provide you with extensive training and coaching.

As a Gold Partner, we have extensive experience in TFS deployments and migrations (also cross-platform), Lab Management implementations, coaching for advanced users and integration with EPM.


Our experience saves you time and resources. As they are able to rely on Ordina’s expertise, your development teams can re-focus on their core tasks. In addition, Ordina involves your people in an improvement process. We introduce them to best practices on automated deployment, quality improvement through quality gates, and the optimization of test lifecycles.

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