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The traditional relational database model does not always go hand in hand with today’s reality.
The amount of data is bigger. Data sources are more varied. Storage is cheaper. Application development has to be faster and more efficient.
Applications have to be "live" all the time.
MongoDB is a supplier of big data technology and an NoSQL database, known as MongoDB.
The open-source document-oriented database is flexible. It meets today’s needs: fast, simple and scalable.   
Ordina is the first Advanced Partner and Reseller of MongoDB in Benelux.
Within the local Java group sits a team of more than 15 certified consultants. MongoDB's technology allows innovative solutions to be built faster and cheaper, by combining data from various data sources (structured and unstructured). New initiatives concerning big data, mobile and social media are easy to start up. Modern applications, up to now costly and complex, are suddenly attainable for our customers.

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