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Oracle Database Health Scan

Get more
from your database

The performance and availability of your Oracle database and underlying infrastructure have a direct impact on your organization. You therefore do everything possible to make sure it performs optimally. You are not quite familiar with Oracle, however? Or you suspect it can perform better? The Oracle Database Health Scan gives you a solid foundation for streamlining your database.

Based on a thorough analysis, we provide you with a detailed report. Specific advice, actual points for improvement and practical solutions ensure that you get more from your Oracle Database.


Using graphical visualization and concrete technical data, the Oracle Database Health Scan illustrates the translation from technology to users. This allows you to efficiently bridge the gap between IT and business.

You can also count on the experience and know-how of our Oracle experts. They built up a broad expertise in numerous projects in different business environments. 


During a Database Health Scan, Ordina scrutinizes your database. In a preliminary meeting we identify with you the key environmental variables and relevant technical data.

A database expert then performs a comprehensive analysis. To do that, he uses our proprietary tools, developed in-house. Finally, Ordina discusses in detail with you the result of the Database Health Scan.


The Health Radar gives you an overall status overview. We explain the importance and the impact of each point for improvement. You receive technical advice and insight into the related technical data.

Your Database Health Scan contains recommendations and advice for the short and long term. This report forms the basis for the further optimization and improved cost efficiency of your database environment.

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