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Oracle Performance Tuning

Fine tuning for
your Oracle environment

Are you experiencing performance problems in your Oracle environment? Are the causes not immediately obvious to you? Are you unable to tell whether delays are attributable to your infrastructure, database, development environment or a combination of those? Do increasing data flows have a negative impact on the performance of your environment?

Using its unique Performance Tuning, Ordina makes an inventory of your current Oracle environment. We collect the data and analyze the causes of any delays. On that basis we suggest practical points for improvement and assist you with the implementation.


Ordina’s experts have developed a standard methodology on the strength of their experience of many years working with Oracle. Together we will address any problems and offer forward-looking solutions.

This methodology also complements perfectly our Database Health Scan. This in-house developed service quickly gives you an objective overview of your current situation and shows the benefits of specific improvement actions.


During an extensive inventory, Ordina identifies which applications are working too slow and which processes are taking too much time. In consultation with you we trace back to the root cause of these shortcomings and identify the users affected by them.

On the basis of a targeted data collection, our experts determine what your database processes exactly during a given interval. Ordina has developed highly reliable scripts for that purpose.

Once the processes responsible for the delays have been clearly identified, Ordina looks for underlying causes. Finally, we suggest specific points for improvement and assist you in the implementation of those measures.


Ordina’s Oracle Performance Tuning gives you a clear view of your Oracle environment.

The performance of your system has a significant impact on how users perceive their work. By fine tuning your environment not only do you ensure that users are happy, you also get the maximum return on your Oracle investment. 

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