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Upgrades and Migrations

Keep your Oracle
environment in top form

You invested a lot of money in your Oracle environment and applications. Yet, older versions of tools and databases may gradually no longer be able to rely on support. In addition, your employees and customers regularly request the capabilities of newer versions and technologies.

Ordina is the perfect partner to keep your Oracle environment profitable. We ensure the periodic execution of critical updates. With our help, data or application migrations to new systems also run smoothly.


Our experts rely on best practices and have years of experience in Oracle environments. Whether it concerns database upgrades, data migration or application migration: Ordina has standardized solutions for any challenges.

This service also complements perfectly our Database Health Scan. This in-house developed solution quickly gives you an objective overview of your current situation and shows the benefits of specific improvement actions.


The management costs of legacy applications increase rapidly. As a result, it is advantageous to implement application migration at some point. In our approach, based on a detailed roadmap and business case, you decide what is the optimum path for your project: to revitalize, migrate or upgrade.

Database upgrades maximize the return on your Oracle investment. They also give you the assurance that patches are performed correctly, ensuring that your environment remains up-to-date. Your database also retains the support of Oracle itself as a result.

Data migration starts with a good strategic plan, in which the target system determines the approach. The trial conversion with production data shows your new environment in action. During the actual conversion, at each step we check all your data, guaranteeing the success of your migration project. 


Ordina ensures that your Oracle environment continues to operate optimally. Your employees can always count on updated tools. You keep the management costs of your system strictly under control.

The performance of your system also has a significant impact on how users experience their work. By adjusting your environment not only do you ensure that users are happy, you also get the maximum return on your Oracle investment

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