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SAP Testing


In practice, you could choose between a SAP expert and a test expert to test your SAP solution. At Ordina we pride ourselves on offering you the best possible testing. We therefore combine the strengths of both expertise areas into one integrated approach.

Experienced testers join forces with SAP experts. You will find their wealth of experience, converted into best practices, in the SAP Testing Kit. As a result, in the SAP testing process you benefit from the best possible tools, techniques and knowledge of both approaches.


The SAP Testing Kit combines six expertise areas: test management, test expertise, SAP expertise, tools (SAP and testing) and continuous improvement. The balance in that mix is fine-tuned. Ordina is not a SAP expert with some testing experience, neither is it a test expert with some SAP knowledge. We combine the expertise and best practices of both worlds.


Our approach is founded on your processes, systems and organization. This means that we work in close and intense cooperation with you in your environment. We also do much more than just take over the test phase of SAP development. In addition, our testing expertise is also open to your existing SAP solution.


The SAP Testing KIT is very flexible. We compose the Ordina SAP Testing team with the right specialists to respond to your challenge. This way, we guarantee you the best possible result for both new SAP implementations and existing solutions.

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