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Big data

What is the added value of your data?

Big data is hot. The trade press are constantly talking about it. The characteristics of big data are often called the 3 Vs: volume, variety and velocity. Large amounts of data, consisting of both structured and unstructured data, are being generated and processed at high speed. Big data goes beyond those frequently mentioned 3 Vs. The value that an organization is able to derive from this data, for example through process optimization and risk analysis, is crucial. Ordina focuses on those aspects of big data that add value to your organization.

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There is currently a quiet revolution under way, which will have many times more impact than the Internet revolution. Without us being aware of it, a copy of our world is being created in global data centers.

With all our hardware devices, in everything we do, we are leaving in our wake a vast quantity and diversity of data. Big data is everywhere. Information from smartphones for example, RFID, Twitter, TV and cameras and tells us exactly what is going on: big data is the mirror of our real world.  

But big data is also a treasure-store of valuable information that can be used. Analysis of all that data enables you to improve your performance. Seize the opportunities that are arising, and use big data to increase your success.

  • Know how big data can generate value for you
  • Make sure that you can capture and analyse big data
  • Make use of the insights that big data provides 

Big data value cycle

The Ordina Big Data Value Cycle gets information working for you. It is our belief that big data contributes to business development: realizing value is crucial.

You should regard big data primarily as an opportunity to innovate your organization. And don't start looking at it from the viewpoint of technical problems, but of opportunities. Our consultants work with you to determine where your organization can derive benefit from it.

Our Big Data Value Cycle consists of four phases:

  • Exploration: know how big data can generate value. We identify which opportunities big data offers you.
  • Development: catch the big data in systems. We help you to implement your solution.
  • Implementation: analyse data and apply new insights. The Ordina data scientists discover the value that is lying hidden in your data.
  • Growth: repeat the Big Data Value Cycle to reap even more success. We support you to take control of the build-up of this activity.

Crowd management

At major events, it is important to reduce security risks as much as possible because we know only too well that it sometimes goes wrong.

Knowing where the public/visitors and the organizers are is essential for crowd management. By visualising this information and sharing it with the emergency services, an organization can respond more quickly to what happens during an event.

At the Gay Pride in Amsterdam, the crowd management solution from Ordina together with KPN (delivery of near real-time activities per phone mast) and Han Dataport (supplier of mobile communication application) was successfully applied.

Ordina mapped out where the boats, visitors and organization were located. During Gay Pride, the command posts of security, first aid and police had a clear picture of the security situation due to this risk analysis.

Workshop Big Data, Big Value

How to find out in less than a day where the value lies in your big data? It is possible, through Ordina's 'Big Data, Big Value' workshop.

Big data offers not only opportunities for process optimization, market approach and customer service but also opportunities for new products and new business models. With key people from various disciplines in your organization, we show the significance of big data for your organization in practical terms.

Our pragmatic approach means that at the end of the workshop you have:

  • a good picture of the relevance of big data for your organization
  • insight into what the potential value is for your organization
  • an initial idea of interesting pilot projects.

With these results, you apply them to your organization and you have a good starting point for a pilot project.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics processes historical data, learns from the past and creates models. These models analyse new datasets to be able to make predictions. The aim of Predictive Analytics is to learn from mistakes and successes from the past and to learn from customers and transactions. Thanks to Predictive Analytics, organisations know what to change and what to replicate. VisionWorks, Ordina's Business Intelligence team, not only helps you analyse the past and the present, but also sketches a picture of your performance in the future. You stay ahead of the competition.

Predictive Analytics

Data Science as a Service

Do you have valuable data that you are not making optimum use of? Do you want to focus on better data analyses? Are these projects not really getting off the ground because of a lack of expertise? With "Data Science as a Service" Ordina offers you a simple, affordable solution! Using advanced data science techniques, we work with you to find interesting data that can help you achieve your business objectives. We study your data sources and read patterns in your data. We build up knowledge that allows predictions to be made for the future. These predictions mean you make informed decisions in your business. Data Science (& Big Data) are not a revolution but an evolution.