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B2E stands for business-to-employee. An approach where business focuses on the employee.
Broadly speaking, B2E encompasses everything businesses do to attract and hold onto highly qualified staff in a competitive market. Think of recruitment campaigns, training opportunities, tools, flexible working hours & pay and employee empowerment.

Figures show that people are dissatisfied at work. We still work the same way we did previously, while times are changing faster than ever. Engaged, healthy and productive employees are more crucial than ever.
How can organisations design their processes so that their employees work better together, are more committed and can be used more effectively?

This is the field of business-to-employee (B2E) – a territory that lends itself very well to digital applications and for which Ordina has developed a number of specific proposals.

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Studies have shown that “committed employees” deliver tangible benefits for an organisation:

  • Committed employees are more productive and work much more efficiently
  • The customer satisfaction of organisations with committed employees is higher
  • Organisations with committed employees make more sales and profits
  • Committed employees are more creative and provide ideas and innovation at work
  • A committed organisation means a healthy organisation: fewer sicknesses and/or accidents

We believe the digital transformation offers fabulous opportunities for organisations and employees.
Solutions that mean that people are satisfied, motivated and committed in their professional work.
Through the right infrastructure and the right culture you show confidence, and each employee sees the value he/she is adding.
And that is what led in the past to stress and burn-/born-out.

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Employee Experience

Employee commitment has in no time grown into a key economic benchmark. After all, satisfied employees are more productive, boost sales and thereby increase profits. In addition, committed employees stay in the same place for longer.

This development is forcing organisations to reflect on major challenges:

  • How can we attract and hold onto the best talents?
  • How can we optimise our work environment?
  • How can we understand the real needs of our employees?
  • How can we successfully launch The New Way of Working?
  • How can we inspire, motivate and stimulate our employees?

Clockwork invents, designs, develops and implements high-end digital solutions that answer each of these challenges. How? Through social business networks, learning & personal development trajectories, innovation communities, cooperation & sharing, smart tools for on the go, etc.


Work smarter

Optimise the talents of your employees and boost productivity ... The Smart Way of Working goes beyond technology. After all, technology is the means here, not the end.

In-depth cooperation between colleagues has never been so important in complex business structures. At the same The New Way of Working continues: people work in many different locations and at different times. Having your employees work together more efficiently and more flexibly?
Ordina supports you with Microsoft’s Business-to-Employee solutions.
Experienced Ordina consultants advise you on how to work smarter. Your employees are central to this. We define objectives and priorities. We pay attention to the impact with respect to culture and leadership and guide you in the change and communication process to managers and employees. We analyse your existing IT-infrastructure and determine what you need in terms of new IT-solutions to support “working smarter”.

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Workforce Planning

Your staff are important. Your staff planning is complex.
Optimal staff planning must take account of laws and regulations, contractual arrangements with customers, competencies, availability and preferences of your staff.
Ordina’s staff planning solution simplifies the complex planning puzzle.
With our solution, your planners have the resources and information needed to align the planning with your business objectives in terms of efficiency, customer service, profitability and employee satisfaction.

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Desktop Virtualization

Are your employees working with the right desktop? In an efficient, safe environment, where it is also a pleasure to work? These are important requirements since efficient employees are the engine of your business. New developments, such as the ‘work from anywhere’ principle, are putting pressure on the old system of ‘one PC per user’.

With desktop virtualization (VDI) you eliminate those technological and organizational difficulties. Failing PCs are no longer a problem now that the desktops of your employees are always accessible, from anywhere. Ordina guides you through this flexible world, and helps you expand the future of your company.