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Customer Care

An ICT environment without worry

Ordina aims to achieve sustainable growth with customers. We know our customers, the market and follow all relevant technological developments. We have knowledge, systems and people in house to support your ICT issues from start to finish. With our “Customer Care” proposition we will further “remove worries”.
Ordina provides dedicated, multidisciplinary teams to keep your application landscape (cloud, on-premises, mobile) and your databases running. Each member of the team has in-depth knowledge of the technology, and knowledge of your organisation, your business process and your application portfolio. Our experts guarantee you a worry-free ICT experience and think proactively with you about improvements and/or possible innovations for your environment. Your benefit? Quality, continuity, innovation and saving costs. You focus on your core business!

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Management with a +

Ordina is a service provider which, in full knowledge of the facts, supports its customers, speaks the same language and is active in the same region. We understand the eco-system, the problems of our customers. We provide high-performance systems and contribute to the ambitions of their organisations.
Service is in our DNA. Our service is tailored to your needs.
We love transparency and dialogue. We build up permanent knowledge to be able to serve you more effectively.
We are committed to excellent service and maximum customer satisfaction. Ordina strives to establish a strong relationship of trust with its management customers. You can expect a customer team to be on hand to do your bidding. Your interests are central. Not the SLA or the processes.  
Ordina sees proactivity and focus on continually improving existing services and environments as the most important success for optimal service for your business.
For us, this is the essence of Customer Care, we offer an all-inclusive service: Management with a +.

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Managed Q Services

Many companies attach importance to quality control and strict compliance with rules and laws. Ordina supports you in these activities and can even take over full responsibility. We develop a tailored efficient solution, both in terms of process and product support, software and process validation and quality control and management systems.

The scope of technological possibilities for your company is constantly expanding. On the one hand, it is important to keep up with the available technology and use it optimally, and on the other, this technology must also comply with the high quality standards and laws and regulations.

With Ordina’s Managed Quality Services model (MQS) you achieve the perfect cross-fertilization between quality and technology. The MQS model guarantees knowledge inflow, flexible support, fast response and the elimination of ‘idle time’.

Managed Q Services
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Managed Services for BI

We are well aware that for most medium and large-size organizations, collecting and keeping expertise in-house to build, manage and develop a Data Warehouse or a Business Intelligence Solution is a challenging task. This is where Ordina VisionWorks can help.  A quality partner for Managed BI Services allows you to concentrate on the things you do best while we manage your data efficiently, reliable and at less cost and less risk helping you achieve your financial and IT goals. Our offering ranges from: Day-to-day technical support and performance management of DW and BI systems  - Expert BI application development and maintenance including report creation -  ad-hoc query development or analytical modeling and integration enhancements for new data sources -  Management of upgrades, backups and patches  - Remote operation for uninterrupted BI application server availability -  Data integration and acquisition processing - Comprehensive database management services -  Cost-savings with the availability of near-shore BI consulting ...

Java  MicrosoftAM

Java & Microsoft Application Management

Our Java and Microsoft experts provide an all-inclusive service. We build your application, and provide after-care.
Our experience with a wide range of front- and back-end Java- and Microsoft-related technologies means we can manage both your new and existing applications with full knowledge of the facts. Not just ‘bug fixing’ but also monitoring. If your software is not running as well as it could or no longer meets your needs, we will happily review the situation with you. We make proposals for improvements or modernisation. Your dedicated team works remotely or with you on site. You are relieved of your worries and know precisely when and how you can innovate smartly.

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SAP Customer Care

Support you can rely on

Having your mission-critical processes run on SAP was a smart choice. But your SAP system obviously has to remain up and running at all times. So that you can concentrate on your core activities. Focuses on strengths is precisely what we at Ordina also do. Our SAP experts speak the language of SAP, and get the best out of your system. Our first-, second- and third-line SAP support runs in line with your business operations. Our people work locally, speak your language and will visit you if required.
This dedication pays off: Ordina is an official VAR partner of SAP and obtained the PCOE Certificate (Partner Centre of Expertise), an audited quality label for SAP support services.