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A well-oiled machine that minimises stress, provides a frame of reference and guarantees output!

DevOps, a contraction of Development and Operations, brings them closer together. The metaphorical walls are demolished. By sharing knowledge and common responsibilities professionals can understand each other’s perspectives better. Applications are delivered faster and better. New software solutions go into production successfully. With a successful DevOps-team your ICT department achieves the intended results and more through smart teamwork.
Your business, users are satisfied with the fast and fault/bug free applications delivered. You increase reliability, stability, resilience and security of your ICT landscape. Ordina Java-professionals have the DevOps/Agile approach in their DNA. We always set up full Agile/DevOps-teams to serve customers. Often your employees are a part of this team. A well-oiled machine that removes any worries, provides guidance and guarantees output!

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Dealing with changes, working in short cycles, the whole team together, that’s what it’s all about. Focusing on intended results and assembling teams that organise themselves and constantly want to improve really works!
Employees develop more expertise and help other team members with their tasks. This leads to a shorter time-to-market for the business and to more flexible solutions.
Ordina likes to set itself apart with Agile & DevOps. We are happy to explore with you which elements of our service add value in your organisation.

continuous delivery

With DevOps we aim to put software successfully into production, often and fast. To achieve this, as much as possible has to be automated. Compiling, testing and deploying automatic code is essential. Ordina helps you be able to release software into production at any time on an automated basis, this is continuous delivery.
We have knowledge of various tools such as Jenkins, Maven, Cucumber and Docker. It goes without saying that we adapt the associated processes accordingly.


Application Lifecycle Management

Thanks to the Devops-methodology we can release software much faster today, using shorter development cycles. And because a MinimumViable Product (MVP) is released more quickly, the final application is more stable and more customised. 
Ordina helps you to optimise your software build using Devops.
We can manage the Windows Team Foundation Server for you, so your developers can easily set to work with the Devops-methodology.
If you need additional manpower or expertise, then our consultants help implement Devops in your development method (technical) and throughout your organisation (partnership culture).



In practice the cause of 75% of security incidents can be found in software faults. The cause is often in the requirements and design phase rather than in the implementation of the solution itself. For that reason, it is crucial to consider and take account of possible security risks as early in the development process as possible. Ordina analysts, developers and project leaders complete a mandatory “Secure by Design”-programme and must achieve the necessary certificates (OWASP, GIAC, GSSP-Java, (ISC)² CSSLP), imposed by external standards/norms.

Test automation

Tests are often on the critical path of software development. The pressure to put the software into use is considerable, but the risk of undiscovered faults creates uncertainty. Automating tests ensures that tests that have to be carried out frequently take less time. In the case of software modifications you can quickly establish whether the unmodified components are still functioning correctly. The automated performance of the tests results in a report that provides an insight into the quality of the software.