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Digitalisation for productivity and growth ...

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to usher in a new era of industrialisation and innovation. Organisations are able automatically to collect, analyse and take action on data from connected devices, sensors, machines and people. Businesses can implement innovations, cost savings and quality improvements with these new insights. Ordina makes its broad range of expertise (Mobile, Web, Cloud, Big Data, Java, Integration and User Experience) relevant in the context of IoT.
We work together with customers on the adoption of IoT.

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IoT for you


In the world of the “Internet of Things” machines, together with employees and processes, are all linked to solutions that were not possible before. According to a report by McKinsey, in 2025 IoT could contribute 6.2 billion dollars to the global economy. By then, 80 to 100 per cent of all companies will use IoT applications.
How can your organisation get a piece of this billion-dollar business? How can you benefit from IoT?
How can you find inspiration for innovative IoT applications for your organisation?
What specific IoT solutions are relevant to your environment?
Discover our Smart approach, in which we accompany organisations in the steps of inspiring, realising and managing.
No months of studies but short pilot projects, so you know quickly whether something is feasible and has business value.



Proximus was the first telecoms operator in Belgium to begin rolling out an IoT network based on LoRa™. The technology allows devices fitted with sensors to be managed, monitored or read remotely. 
Ordina is helping build the service platform that Proximus uses for IoT. Customers can use a web portal and a mobile app to onboard sensors easily and manage IoT hardware.
The scalable platform captures all the sensor data and sends it securely to the owner.
Proximus and Ordina are joining forces to help customers build innovative applications based on LoRa and IoT. Virtually every business and every sector is a potential customer. 

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IoT will be among the considerations when making investment decisions for new machines or the development of new products or services. Innovation through IoT applications only works if specific attention is also paid to the underlying business model.  IoT devices gather masses of data. Big Data and Predictive Analytics are inextricably linked with process improvements and innovation. Using the IoT data gathered, Data Scientists make predictions so that products or services can be adapted accordingly.
By making products smart and connecting them to the internet, new opportunities and applications are created for organisations in virtually all sectors. 
Thanks to IoT, businesses gain a better understanding of their management processes, today and tomorrow.