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Mobile anywhere, anytime

Already mobile? Customers, partners and employees expect you to be operational on the move, otherwise they will look for an alternative. Unfortunately, many companies have yet to design their mobile strategy into their business model. This means that they lag behind compared to customers who are already familiar with mobile applications. Developments in the field of mobile are moving fast, so make sure you keep up! Whoever is currently at the forefront of mobile is attracting attention and reaping the rewards.

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Mobile is a communication channel that is becoming increasingly important. Apart from making phone calls, the advent of smartphones and tablets has generated countless opportunities for contacts and convenient applications. They have changed our lives.

Almost everyone - young and old - has his/her mobile within reach. It is not only a constant companion, but also our permanent connection to the world. In our private lives as well as work. If you create mobile applications for your customers or employees, they expect the same convenience and opportunities that they get with their private apps.

You undoubtedly want to maintain optimum contact with your customers and employees. Mobile offers options eminently suited for that purpose. Via mobile, access is possible anywhere anytime, making interaction with your target groups easier and more direct.


Ordina uses a standardized development approach that we call Mobile Studio. We assume a continuous improvement process. Our professionals work according to the Agile scrum methodology. This makes it possible to include interim conclusions into the final result.

Because we have already built many apps, we have a library (repository) of functionalities that are still reusable. This allows us to work faster and more cost-efficiently. Based on input from performance research, we amend the design or scope, so that the life cycle of an app is continually extended.

Apps can be customized, but Ordina also has turnkey business apps available that we can adapt to your house-style and back-end system.

Mobile Strategy

The mobile channel offers new opportunities for organizations. At the same time there is the challenge of making mobile a structural element of the business strategy, so as to match existing and new processes and systems to each other.

Ordina advises you on a successful mobile strategy that fits with your business and ambitions. We contribute to your thinking about new business models with mobile as the leading channel. And we support you by setting up your organization so that your strategy will also provide added value.


App Design & Development

How do you ensure that you have the right, most effective and successful apps available? Now and in the future? Ordina develops mobile apps that appeal and continue to work well, because we have our unique combination of design and technology. We like to do this by working closely with you.

Ordina uses the following principle for the development of a successful app: think together, develop together and connect securely and smartly to your systems.

For optimal user interface and optimal user experience, Ordina works closely with Clockwork, THE specialist in developing successful creative concepts with an optimal user experience.

Enterprise Mobility

Your organization cannot live without mobile. In fact, you can use mobile to run your business better. Ordina sees this development as a great opportunity and is focussing on innovation in this field.

There are many ways for your organization to share information and applications with your employees so they can work anytime, anywhere. That promotes efficiency, productivity, increasing revenue and cutting costs. An important condition is that the data is secure and only reach the people for whom they it is intended.

Ordina offers total solutions that ensure a secure and manageable mobile extension of your existing infrastructure.

Mobile Competence Center

Mobile is an anarchistic phenomenon. Your employees embraced the potential of mobile a long time ago. And use them in their daily lives. Before you know it, you could find a proliferation of applications, systems and initiatives within your organization.

It is important to keep control by organizing your mobile initiatives centrally in a planned, managed way.

Ordina helps you in that aim by setting-up a Mobile Competence Center. We bring together knowledge and expertise about mobile with the demand for mobile solutions and their production. This approach is supported by a broad representation of all parts of the organization.